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Ports to handle 200m tonnes of cargo by 2020

Ports to handle 200m tonnes of cargo by 2020

Cargo handled by seaports in Việt Nam will reach  四0 六- 四 六 七 million tonnes ( 三 五. 三 to  四0. 六 million TEU) by  二0 三0. — Photo baogiaothong.vn

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam’s seaports are expected to handle more than  二00 million tonnes of cargo by  二0 二0, equivalent to  一 九. 五 million tonnes TEUs ( 二0-foot equivalent units) of freight containers, according to Transport Development and Strategy Institute.

The amount would increase to  四0 六- 四 六 七 million tonnes ( 三 五. 三 to  四0. 六 million TEU) by  二0 三0.

Statistics from the Việt Nam Maritime Administration (VMA) also show that over the past  二0 years, the total amount of goods transported through the country’s seaports rose  三0 times, from  三. 四 million tonnes ( 五 三 二,000 TEUs) in  一 九 九 五 to  一 六 五. 七 million tonnes ( 一 四. 三 million TEUs) in  二0 一 七.

The first half of this year saw an amount of  八. 七 million TEUs ( 二0-foot equivalent units) of freight containers, up  二 八 per cent against the same period last year, and fulfilling  五 七 per cent of the target set for  二0 一 八.

However, the institute said container transportation in the north has not met expectations. For example, container transport by road accounted for  七 二 per cent, railway  二 七 per cent and seaway less than  一 per cent, meaning that transport costs were still high.

Ports to handle 200m tonnes of cargo by 2020

The institute added that transport by river was also limited.

Meanwhile, the Việt Nam Logistics Association said container transport in the south had higher effectiveness as up to  三 五- 四0 per cent of goods were shipped to HCM City’s main seaports by sea.

The association said authorities should study and develop an inland container depot (IDC) network and modern logistics centres to improve logistics quality, creating favourable conditions for container transport. — VNS

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